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Five tips for choosing the perfect gift for your Eagle Scout

by John Saunders
2nd Aug 22 2:58 pm

Congratulations on your Eagle Scout! As you celebrate this impressive milestone, you may wonder what to give your scout as a token of appreciation. So, check out these five tips for choosing the perfect gift for Eagle Scouts. With a little thought and creativity, you’re sure to find the perfect present for the most accomplished scout in your troop. Happy gifting!

Go for something personal

One of the best things you could get your Eagle Scout would be something personal. Most people actually prefer sentimental items over something expensive when receiving gifts. So, a great idea would be to get them a photobook and insert photos from their trips and experiences. The best part is you can go through it with them and hear their recollection of events.

Alternatively, if your scout enjoys the outdoors and goes hiking often, you could consider getting them a walking stick. However, not just any walking stick will do; you should get them a detachable walking stick with an engraving. This is useful and convenient since it can be taken anywhere and assembled in seconds. Plus, who doesn’t want their name on a cool walking stick?

Send money or gift cards

Another great tip for gifting an Eagle Scout would be to consider giving them money or gift cards, depending on the impulsivity of the person in question. Money and gift cards are great ideas since they allow people to choose the gifts they want rather than being gifted with something they don’t.

Most Eagle Scouts are likely going to college soon, so money and gift cards can be incredibly useful. In terms of gift cards, some stores might be better than others. For example, Amazon and Walmart will have everything a dorm room could need. Or, if you know the recipient’s favorite store, that works, too.

Avoid pocket knives

If there is one thing you should absolutely avoid when buying gifts for an Eagle Scout, it would be pocket knives. It’s almost always guaranteed that an Eagle Scout has four or five pocket knives, so adding another one to the pile isn’t a very useful or thoughtful gift.

You might be thinking, but what if it’s personalised? It’s not really that recommended. There are many other useful gifts, such as college supplies through gift cards, camping equipment like a hammock, and more.

Gift an experience

Do you know which gift is voted among the best by most people worldwide? Experiences. It turns out most people love receiving an experience as a gift, most likely because it’s something the person wouldn’t have done by themselves. As such, consider gifting your Eagle Scout an experience.

As mentioned above, most Eagle Scouts will likely go to college soon, and what’s one thing a college student always needs to do? Eat! A very helpful gift would be a paid-for series of cooking classes, which will ensure they don’t just get takeout every day of the week. Another option might be rock-climbing lessons or taking them to a hiking track they have never been to.

Find something useful

Finally, the last tip on buying gifts for your Eagle Scout would be to buy something useful. This is an especially great gift if the person is active or enjoys being outdoors since there are many things that are needed. As mentioned above, you could get them camping equipment, such as a new sleeping bag.

Another great idea would be a watch, but not just any watch; it should be a durable waterproof watch with a built-in compass and an easy-to-see LED display that can be seen at night. A daypack backpack with plenty of compartments is also something that would be highly recommended.

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