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Five simple habits to make your workdays healthier

by John Saunders
15th Mar 22 10:22 am

Do you ever wonder how you can have better days at work? Chances are, you can still optimise your routine and make better use of your time. We’re not focusing on hacks to get more things done in less time. It’s all about putting your own well-being first to help yourself get to the best productive state possible. If you commit to these 5 simple habits, the rest can follow.

1. Start your day right

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of the first thing you do upon waking up. Skipping the usual social media scrolling lets you get started earlier, for example. Another thing you can practice is making your bed right away. These are two small areas in which you can already break the cycle of procrastination.

Upon getting up, there’s a good number of simple morning routines you can practice. One tried and tested routine is exercising first thing in the morning. Working out is often the hardest task to fit in a busy schedule. Facing it right away is an effective way to start your day on a good note. On top of that, exercise provides a much-needed energy boost.

If morning workouts aren’t for you, you can pursue more gentle routines instead. Light stretches, meditation, reading, and healthy breakfasts are also great for getting into the right physical and mental state. What’s important is that you grab the first opportunity to make your day a good one. And the key to every successful morning ritual is, of course, consistency.

2. Divide and conquer your time

Productivity apps, timers, and to-do-lists do well in visualising your tasks, giving you reminders, and holding you accountable. They also allow you to strategise and manage your goals better. So how exactly do you approach this?

Set reasonable standards and stick to a reasonable time frame. You can use deadlines as motivation to avoid lingering on a difficult task to the point of exhaustion. To avoid getting overwhelmed, break down your tasks and schedule into manageable bits.

One popular method utilises a Pomodoro timer, which divides your day into 25-minute sprints. Complete a small task or milestone in 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. Each sprint is the perfect length to get something done while maintaining urgency and avoiding procrastination. The frequent breaks, on the other hand, help refresh your energy and focus.

3. Take control of your environment

Your working environment can significantly influence your attitude towards your work. Do you need a change of scenery every now and then? Or can you focus better if you settle down in one comfortable spot? By paying attention to your workstyle, you can determine which conditions bring the best out of you.

You should also invest in things that will help keep your workflow as smooth as possible. You can start with improving workspace’s ergonomics and lighting to protect your muscles, joints, and eyes from damage. And in designing your workspace, keep any essential tools and devices within your reach.

Moreover, it’s important to eliminate distractions from your environment. An optimised workspace should also help you shut out anything that might break your focus. Your day can feel less of a drag if you’re able to stay on top of your tasks.

4. Don’t overcommit

Taking on too many tasks can distract you from the most important ones on your plate. This can impact both your mood and productivity, leading to burnout. Instead, you can practice focusing on one task at a time. This releases unnecessary stress, leading to better decision making.

It’s also important to know your strengths and long-term goals. These two things will be your guide in deciding which endeavors are truly worth your time. And when you choose the situations where you’re most effective, your time will feel more rewarding.

Learning how, and when, to say “no” is one of the biggest favors you can do yourself. Always remember that your time, energy, and abilities are also resources that you need to manage. And knowing your own limits will allow you to negotiate your bandwidth better.

5. Exercise and stay healthy

Self-maintenance als goes a long way in avoiding burnout. First, you need a proper diet to get the nutrients that let your mind and body function properly. Exercise, on the other hand, can immediately elevate your energy levels and state of mind. In the long run, this also gives you more physical and mental endurance for tasks.

Finally, a good recovery routine is a must-have at the end of your busy day. Working at your desk all day and doing intense workouts both result in sore muscles and discomfort. This is why Yoga stretches and relaxing massages are common ways to wind down. Nowadays, there’s plenty of reliable personal recovery devices available, like the massage gun.

Such devices can ease problems like muscle soreness, carpal tunnel and back pain before they get serious. On top of that, it can also help you get better sleep. Learn more about the benefits of recovery routines by checking out the best massage gun the UK has in the market

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