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Fisheries: ‘No-deal Brexit is no worse than getting a deal through’

10th Dec 20 2:41 pm

A fisheries industry leader has said he has no concerns over a no-deal Brexit, and this could open up the prospect of them gaining a greater share of regulations to stocks.

Mike Park, chief executive of the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association that the UK will move into negotiations as an independent coast state.

This will not change any chances of fishermen securing good terms for the industry sector, although without a deal this could bring logistical problems for those who ship fish to the EU.

Park said that they would prefer a good deal in the fisheries sector along with a wider deal with the EU

Park said that if the UK leaves with no deal then negotiations will be annualy, the same as the EU does with Norway and the Faroe Islands, which could see larger shares from the bloc.

Speaking to the PA news agency Park said, “In terms of the larger vessels that benefit from greater shares of regulated stocks, we would immediately move into coastal state negotiations where hopefully we could negotiate greater shares of those stocks on the basis that we give other people access to the water, so there’s no change in terms of what it means for the sector that fishes your cod, your haddock and other stocks.

“In terms of these larger vessels, we have no concerns because we think we can seek a good deal through the avenue which is the international norm where you sit down and negotiate with your neighbours in terms of who gets access to where and what they can catch so we think.

“In that aspect a no-deal is no worse than getting a deal through a fisheries framework agreement.”

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