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Facebook salaries revealed – prepare to be jealous

by LLB Editor
20th Jan 15 11:32 am

How many thousands of dollars do Facebook employees earn?

A quick glance at salaries for some Facebook job roles will make you sob at your desk.

Hankies ready? Here we go…

Glasdoor, an online jobs community site, has listed salaries for 15 Facebook job roles. Out of them, the lowest salary listed is $118,864.

The highest pay, which includes combined basic income and bonuses, at Facebook is for the role of engineering manager which pays $380,861.

Back in 2012, Business Insider reported that the average pay of a software development intern at Facebook tops $5,000 per month.

Take a took at salaries of some Facebook employees:

1. Engineering Manager: $380,861 

2. Software Engineer V: $259,349 

3. Senior Software Engineer: $211,647 

4. Software Engineer IV: $209,988 

5. Product Manager: $194,907 

6. Data Scientist: $185,743 

7. Software Engineer: $183,397 

8. Technical Program Manager: $175,589 

9. Research Scientist: $172,705

10. Software Engineer III: $171,076 

11. Network Engineer: $160,172 

12. Data Engineer: $146,949 

13. User Interface Engineer: $146,708 

14. Production Engineer: $132,534 

15. Product Analyst: $118,864

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