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Expert warns ‘we are back to choices faced in early March’

by LLB staff reporter
9th Oct 20 11:36 am

Sir Jeremy Farrar who is one of many scientists that advise the government, has slammed the government over inaction on the pandemic.

In a grim warning he warned “we are back to choices faced in early March,” just before the UK went into a national lockdown and Brits were told to “stay at home.” 

Health chiefs and Dr’s have warned that hospitals in the North could run out of coronavirus beds within a week.

Sir Jeremy tweeted, “The tragedy is how predictable this has been since at least early July. It was not inevitable. 

“It is not inevitable now that this worsens, but to avoid spiralling out of control needs to be action now.” 

He is calling for immediate swift action to curb the virus, and he added, that measures will become “more draconian” if the government continues to delay decisions any further. 

In a warning to the government Sir Jeremy said, “Don’t act slower than the speed of the epidemic, don’t get behind an epidemic curve.

“So much harder to turn that epidemic curve around.”

Independent SAGE are to give an urgent update on a “rapidly worsening” situation in North England later today.

They have warned that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Cabinet “must take action today,” as hospital admissions in the North are just days away from lockdown levels seen in London in March.

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