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Expert warns Scotland on ‘verge of third wave’ with millions kept in lockdown

2nd Jun 21 6:58 am

An expert has warned that coronavirus have spread far “quicker than we hoped” as the country is now on the verge of a “third wave.”

Scotland has been placed on high alert as the Indian variant, which is now called the Delta variant is “causing some challenge” which has led to tougher lockdown rules.

Jason Leitch, Scotland’s national clinical director was asked by BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime during an interview, if Scotland is entering a “third wave.”

Leitch said, “Yes, I think we are.

“The question is how big that third wave is – everybody, every modelling higher education institution… they all said, if you open you will get more cases.

“Now I’m not sure I needed a university to tell me that, I think people in the street would have told me that.

“The question is, whether you control that to a level that doesn’t cause enough severe disease to fill hospitals, and enough severe disease to cause misery and death to families.

“That’s the balance we’re now trying to strike and the advice we’ve given and the decisions the First Minister and the Cabinet have made today.”

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday that they government are to delay lockdown easing due to high rates of the Indian variant.

Areas in Scotland will now move to level 1 from Saturday of the Scottish government’s Covid restrictions, but Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow will stay in level 2, which is a slight “slow down” of easing.

Scotland’s First Minister told MSPs, “However, it is important to stress that this is a pause, not a step backwards.

“And Level 2 is not lockdown. It does have an impact on opening hours of pubs and restaurants and the numbers that can attend certain events.”

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