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EU security data leak affecting thousands of EU officials

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
16th May 20 12:14 pm

Members of the European Parliament have been informed there has been a huge data leak affecting thousands of EU officials, says a cybersecurity firm.

Yash Kadakia, founder of Security Brigade and Shadow Map Tech, known as Code Monkey, said his members found an enormous security data breach.

He wrote on Twitter, “This includes data & passwords of 200+ members of the European Parliament, European Council and European Commission. Also impacts 1000+ members of staff at the European Parliament.

“The data also includes 15,000+ users including journalists, members of a number of political parties and institutions.

“It also includes members of several European Union Institutions like the Europol, European Data Protection Supervisor, EUIPO, Frontex, etc.”

The European Parliament claim that no Parliament accounts were involved after investigating the news.

A spokesperson for the European Parliament said, “We have been informed about these allegations.

“The possible incident has been looked into and we can confirm no official accounts or mailboxes of the European Parliament are involved.

“This information may be related to an old service account of a political group.”

However, Kadakia told the Daily Express, “I don’t think that statement would be accurate, the data certainly uses at least 2000 official accounts.

“I can confirm that there are at least 2,000 [compromised] emails that use the http://europa.eu domain.

“The website itself was also hosted on a subdomain of http://europa.eu.

“The data includes 10 members of the European Council (using @consilium.europa.eu), 90 members of the European Commission (using @ec.europa.eu domain), 103 members of the European Parliament (using @ep.europea.eu domain) and 1010 members of the European Parliament (using @europarl.europa.eu domain).”

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