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Easing of lockdown could be slower than planned, warns Hancock

23rd Feb 21 10:37 am

The Health Secretary said that the easing of lockdown will not “be sped up” and warned that it could be slowed down.

Matt Hancock said that the government will be “vigilant” at looking at infection rates and there will be a five week gap between each of the four stages to unlock England.

When schools reopen on 8 March, it is vital that cases are kept down, otherwise this could affect the time scale over reopening the next stage of society.

Speaking to Sky News Hancock said, “It’s very, very important that we can see the impact of one step before taking the next step.

“There’s a vital need to keep watching the data and for all us, the whole of society, to stick with this plan.

“We want to be able to hit those milestones, but we will be vigilant and watch what’s happening to make sure it’s safe to make each move.

“The Prime Minister set out the four tests we will apply before announcing each move can go ahead. ‘Of course we want to make the moves at the dates that are set out.

“But it’s on all of us to make sure we can by continuing to follow the rules between now and then as the vaccine rollout continues and as the really, really positive impact of those vaccines takes effect.

“This is on all of us.”

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