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Dyson cordless fan advert is pulled by regulator

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
17th Jul 19 3:42 pm

The UK’s advertising regulator has ruled that the advert for the cordless Dyson PureHot +Cool Fa was a load of hot air.

On Wednesday the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said TV viewers could be misled over the need to plug in the fan, as the advert aired in April does not feature a power cord until the end of the advert.

The ASA said that the cord “was very thin and coloured grey on a light background,” the ASA believed “it could be easily missed.”

The ASA said, “The cord was the same colour, thickness and approximately the same length as the edge of the carpet which appeared opposite it on the screen.

“For those reasons, we considered that it could be easily missed and seen as part of the background by viewers.”

However, Dyson argued that if they were making a cordless fan this would have drawn more attention to this.

The manufacturer said, “There was no benefit in having a cordless fan given it could cover such a wide area and there was no need for movement, unlike with a vacuum cleaner.

“Similarly, there was no benefit in having a cordless television, and they did not routinely establish cables running from televisions.”

The ASA said, “We concluded that, overall, the ad was likely to give consumers the misleading impression that the fan was cordless,

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