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‘Crime Minister’s’ staff joking about a Christmas party shows the ‘contempt’ Downing Street has for the British public

8th Dec 21 11:13 am

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney has said the leaked footage of the Prime Minister’s staff joking about a Christmas party alleged to have taken place shows the “contempt” Downing Street has for the British public.

Swinney said the leaked footage showing Downing Street aides taking part in a mock press conference, is “one of the most appalling things” he’s ever seen in his political career.

Swinney was asked if he is concerned that events in Downing Street could affect public compliance with any restrictions that could be imposed this Christmas, Swinney told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme, “You bet I am.”

The Deputy First Minister, who is also the Scottish Government’s Covid Recovery Secretary, added, “That video last night is just one of the most appalling things I have seen in my political life.

“I think it shows contempt at the heart of Downing Street for members of the public, and that is exactly what you do not need at a time of national emergency and of the gravity that we face.

“So the experience that all of us are having to wrestle with in the handling of coronavirus, and particularly Omicron, are dealt a very serious blow by the appalling behaviour by Downing Street, by UK Government ministers who have quite clearly lied to the public about this party, and we need to recognise the seriousness of the threat that poses to our efforts on tackling coronavirus.”

The Westminster leader of the SNP Ian Blackford blasted Boris Johnson and said, if the video “is true, then the Prime Minister’s position is untenable” and he must resign “immediately.”

Alastair Campbell who was Tony Blair’s spokesman and press secretary when he was Prime Minister blasted Johnson and called him a “liar.”

Campbell said, “When you elect a liar as PM, and when those who works for him have to lie to cover up his lies, it will eventually unravel.

“It is unravelling because among the liars there are people who find it harder than Johnson. The truth will out. Labour need to pile the pressure on cops.”

“To get involved. There is absolutely no reason for them not to. Downing St is a crime scene. Johnson is the Crime Minister. The rules were broken. Fact. The law was broken. Fact. Get stuck in and don’t let go.”

ITV News said the video was filmed four days after the one of alleged parties took place, which was the same time that the police were shutting down gatherings of more than two who were then being fined.

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