Corbyn slammed for voting AGAINST Al Qaeda ban before 9/11, accused of giving "tacit support" to terrorists


Explosive claims against the Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn

Source: 70023venus2009 via Flickr

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn voted against banning Al Qaeda from Britain just six months before 9/11, former Labour minister Charles Clarke has claimed.

Clarke, a home office minister in early 2000s, accused the Labour leader of giving “tacit support” to the terrorist organisation. He claims Corbyn voted against listing 21 militant groups from around the world as terrorists and banning them from entering Britain.

Corbyn said at the time: “Twenty-one organisations are due to be banned from operating in this country, causing a great deal of disquiet in the Islamic, Turkish and Tamil communities.

“That is not because people support terrorism, but because they want to encourage a peace process. They recognise that some of the organisations are currently engaged in ceasefires in their own countries, and are actively engaged in the search for long-lasting peace that will bring about the resolution to conflict.”

Speaking about the vote, Clarke told the Standard: “It must have given comfort to the proscribed organisations that people like Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell were giving them tacit support.

“Proscription was and is a very important weapon against those organisations which are trying to attack us and our society.

“We never took any decision to proscribe lightly, but only on the basis of a very considered assessment.”