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Common Vision unveils new manifesto for millennials

8th Jun 17 5:31 pm

Here’s why

Millennials now represent 1 in 4 UK adults, they come in all shapes and sizes and from a range of different backgrounds.

Millennials are fast becoming the largest generation in British society, set to overtake the “baby boomer” generation. Even if they do not vote in as large numbers, they remain citizens of the UK.

Millennials are more likely to hold socially liberal, “progressive” outlooks, and to regard multiculturalism, feminism, the gay rights movement and the green movement as positive forces. However they simultaneously hold views which could be seen to be more “right-wing”, such as being more individualist and distrustful of institutions and the role of the state. Overall this means that traditional political notions of “left” and “right” are even less helpful than they ever were.

They are also less likely to hold strong party affiliations, but more more likely to sign a petition, attend a protest and join a campaign on a singular issue. 

The manifesto does not pretend to list a comprehensive raft of all the policies which are relevant to millennials. It a consultation document and a preview of some of the ideas that Common Vision we plan to develop including:

  • Housing and home ownership: moving beyond traditional renting or owning.
  • Money and savings: creative and flexible approaches using technology and peer-to-peer models; also tax systems responsive to millennials’ expectations look like.
  • Sharesources: giving millennials more individual and collective agency in the future use of natural resources and development of national infrastructure around them. This includes food chains, energy, and data assets.
  • Education, skills and employment: a policy that encourages flexibility and resilience in the face of ongoing labour market trends including how the gig economy could be developed into a truly transformational force for good for its workers.
  • Parenting: new ways to support strong parenting and family life in local communities, the wider social realm and in home environments.
  • Health: raise awareness of the benefits of preventative measures and individual agency to influence their healthcare futures.
  • Brexit: formulating long term policy that looks to the younger generations first, and an open consultation that would restore public trust in the process of leaving the EU.

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