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Chaos as French customs stage another Brexit drill for Eurostar

by Sarah Dunsby
18th Mar 19 10:05 am

Huge queues have begun to build for Eurostar passengers in Paris on Monday morning, over the ongoing industrial action by French customs staff.

French border officials are demanding a boost to their staff to enable them to deal with more checks, once the UK exits the EU.

Eurostar warned customers not to travel to Paris “unless absolutely necessary,” three trains from Paris to London have been cancelled, the 7.04, 8.37 and the 21.03 services.

In a statement Eurostar said, “We recommend not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

“If you are travelling from Paris until 20 March, you can change your ticket free of charge to a future date or claim a full refund below.

“All Eurostar trains are experiencing delays and long queues for journeys from Paris Nord due to industrial action by French customs until 20 March.

“These delays impact our planned timetables and cause subsequent cancellations.”

A passenger wrote on Twitter on Monday morning, “08:55am in the morning, Paris Eurostar station! Not bad, at least I can straight to the upstairs! @Eurostar your customers have no expectation at all right now!

“The staff told us at least 2 hours waiting time for the passport control process right now. First come, first serve!”

Another passenger wrote on Twitter, “I’ve been tweeting about the #Eurostar #eurostardelays since 6th March.

“I’ve asked the #bbc to investigate whether this is #Eurostar #frenchgovernment collusion or if #Eurostar is so badly managed it took 14 days to realise they had a serious problem on their hands.”

Earlier this month, passengers experienced severe delays along with huge queues at Gare du Nord station in Paris, as French customs staged “Brexit style” security checks.

Eurostar trains were delayed by almost two hours, one border guard said, “This will be what it is like after Brexit. Back to 1970s.”

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