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Brits warned they can be turned away from Spain despite legitimate travel from the UK

6th Apr 21 2:20 pm

Brits are facing a “nightmare” this year if they want to go on holiday to Spain, as holidaymakers could be turned back at the border.

There are different regulations for the UK and Spain since Brexit, as England are allowing people to fly to the country for a list of essential reasons, but Spain have adopted very different rules.

The British and Spanish government’s are not aligned with their policies and Spain has a “different interpretation” over the “right of entry.”

Under Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown, Brits could be allowed to resume foreign holidays from 17 May, following the successful vaccine rollout.

But Spain has been forced to place restrictions on the country as the EU’s vaccine rollout has been badly hampered by idiotic Europhiles, meaning Brits and other foreign travellers could easily be turned away at the border.

Moira Carmenate who runs The Expat Centre which advises people living abroad told the Express, “It’s an ongoing headache and really both governments should actually speak to each other and get this resolved.

“Both are following their own guidelines and they do not match up.

“All the reasons the UK government has given in order for someone to travel to Spain are definitely not matched by Spain’s ‘interpretation’ on ‘right of entry’.

“As the UK starts to relax it’s Covid measures, I guess people are going to assume they can travel again soon.

“This is a summer nightmare waiting to happen.

“Common sense would suggest that it could be resolved if both governments would get their heads together and come to an agreement both on protocols and also on implementation at the borders.

“At the end of the day, it’s the travellers who suffer,” and are then subsequently out of pocket by hundreds or thousands as they potentially would have lost their bookings.

The British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) have warned that people who are travelling could be turned away if they don’t meet other criteria, even if they legally leave England.

The FCDO said, “Passenger travel from the UK to Spain is restricted to EU and Schengen associated state citizens, those who are legally resident in the EU or in Schengen associated states, or those passengers who can demonstrate that their journey is essential (including on compassionate grounds).”

They added, “All of the circumstances above must be justified by documentary evidence.

“You should be aware that you may be questioned on arrival by Spanish border authorities to ensure you meet the entry requirements.

“Spanish border authorities will only grant entry if they are satisfied that your journey to Spain is essential and reserve the right to deny passage.”

This comes as Ryanair turned away British expats wanting to fly to Spain, and the airline has been accused of acting “on behalf of the Spanish authorities.”

On Monday morning seven Brits were prevented from boarding a Ryanair flight from Manchester to Alicante, Spain.

One Brit said after checking the latest British government travel advice he had booked a flight to Spain to buy a property, which is a valid reason to travel under England’s legislation.

Alec, 63 who is a retired IT technician said that he was denied entry to the plane without any justified reason and further claimed the staff insisted that they did not have a valid residency card, and were not interested in talking to the passengers.

Speaking to The Olive Press who are a Spanish newspaper, Alec said, “Ryanair staff had made the arbitrary decision to deny their passengers travel on behalf of the Spanish authorities.”

An Italian woman who was travelling back to Spain where her family lives was also denied access to board the aircraft and was told she is not allowed to travel, despite being allowed for “justified family matters.”

Since Brexit the freedom of movement has been stopped and the UK will now be treated as a third country.

The Consulate General of Spain in the UK has issued the latest travel advice, which says, “Since Brexit, the UK is considered a non-EU country.

“British citizens [as third country nationals (TCNs)] can’t travel to Spain at the moment, in general terms.”

However, it does clearly state that “EU citizens and their relatives, including British ones, are permitted to travel.”

The Consulate general advice adds, “Bear in mind that British regulations also apply to citizens currently in the UK and, at the moment international travel is banned except in certain cases.”

As part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement a new residence document which was introduced in 2020, which is called the Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero or TIE.

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