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British start-up plans to launch ‘flying taxi’ service by 2022

by Purvai Dua
10th Sep 18 10:44 am

Vertical Aerospace, a Bristol-based startup, has been working on developing electric aircraft vehicles, designed specifically for vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL).

Equipped with four propellers at the front and back of a helicopter-shaped body, the aircraft’s vertical take-off and landing technology would allow it to travel between exact locations, without a pilot having to make diversions to an airport.

“The UK has a real opportunity to lead the world in eVTOL technology. We have a rich heritage in aviation. World-class engineers and technical experts train and work here. We have the global outlook and entrepreneurial spirit required to develop and commercialise this technology,” added Stephen Fitzpatrick, who founded Vertical Aerospace in 2016.

“Designing and building technology with such disruptive potential could ultimately bring thousands of highly skilled jobs to the UK and secure our place at the forefront of aviation innovation. With the right support from the government, regulators and the wider science and engineering community, the UK can lead the way in personal, on-demand and carbon-free air travel.”

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