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British Isles pub reopens as restrictions eased

by LLB Reporter
1st Feb 21 12:37 pm

Islanders in the Isle of Man are now out of their circuit breaker after almost a month of lockdown, with shops, pubs and schools reopening.

Social distancing and the wearing of face masks will now be a personal choice, but islanders have been warned not to get complacent and let their “guard down.”

The country entered their second lockdown on 7 January, and border controls will remain in place with travel restrictions on the island.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK said, “After almost a month of lockdown, this is the moment we have all been waiting for.

“The Isle of Man has achieved local elimination of the virus for a second time, meaning the risk of community spread of Covid-19 is extremely low.

“We beat the virus once and we have done so again.”

He added, “Although this is a moment for relief and celebration, we cannot let down our guard.

“We are seeing other jurisdictions that have achieved local elimination battling with outbreaks. We must remain vigilant.”

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