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Boris mocked by Blackford as the ‘rebellion has started’ as Tory MPs are ‘deserting’ him during PMQs

17th Nov 21 2:19 pm

Boris Johnson was feeling the pressure today during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) as he was branded a “coward and not a leader” by the Labour leader and then Westminster’s SNP leader Ian Blackford mocked him by saying Tory MPs have started “deserting” him.

Blackford mocked Johnson as he suggested that the “rebellion has started” due to the absence of Tory MPs during PMQs.

Blackford claimed the empty seats behind Johnson signals that there is a break within the Conservatives as the sleaze row is still ongoing.

Johnson has been under immense pressure from all angles over the humiliating U-turn the government made with the suspension of Owen Paterson 14 days ago.

The Westminster SNP leader said, “He said the Tory MPs were behind the Prime Minister.

“But my goodness, look at the gaps on the third and fourth benches.

“Mr Speaker, the rebellion has clearly started.

“This Tory sleaze scandal has now been hitting the headline for the past 14 days and yet it’s pretty obvious the Prime Minister spent less than 10 minutes coming up with yesterday’s half-hearted, half-baked and already half-botched proposals.

“These so-called reforms don’t even scratch the surface, the sleaze scandal runs far, far deeper.”

He added, “Month after the month, the public have witnessed scandal after scandal.

“Peerages handed to millionaire donors, VIP lanes gifted Covid contracts to Tory pals, dodgy donations for luxury holidays and home renovations.

“The Prime Minister and his government have been up to their neck in sleaze.”

Johnson hit back at Blackford,  “I thank the humble crofter, as he referred to himself, for his question, and I would just say what I think we can do is pursue a cross-party approach based on the report of the Independent Committee on Standards in Public Life.

“It says amongst other things it’s important that this House should be augmented with outside experience of the world, it’s important that members of this House should have experience of the private sector as he does.”

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