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Boris Johnson’s ‘job is untenable and he’s got to resign as he is also ‘arrogant and a liar’ says Sadiq Khan

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
18th Jan 22 11:33 am

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said that Boris Johnson’s position has become ”untenable” and it’s in the “national interest” for him to step down.

Speaking to Sky News Khan said the Prime Minister admitted “an admission of liability” so it’s a “slam dunk” in the wake of party allegations.

Kay Burley asked Khan why the Metropolitan Police has not launched their own investigation, he said, “I think it’s really important that I, as the mayor, as the Labour mayor, don’t direct or tell the police what to do, they should be operationally independent.

“I’m clear, though, that the commissioner has said publicly that she will look at the evidence that comes from the Cabinet Office investigation by Sue Gray and then will decide whether to proceed in investigating the Prime Minister and those around him.

“Nobody is above the law and the police should follow the evidence.”

He added that the situation would be a “slam dunk.”

Khan continued, “For me, there has been an admission of liability from the prime minister, he’s been shown to be somebody who is not just arrogant and a liar but there is evidence of hypocrisy as well.

“That’s why I think the Prime Minister’s job is untenable and he’s got to resign.”

Khan was then asked over an image of the Labour leader drinking a beer with staff in April 2021, he said it is like comparing “apples and pears.”

Khan told Sky News, “You can’t really compare the Keir Starmer incident with this habitual rule breaking from the prime minister.

“Keir Starmer didn’t break any rules. I think [he] has explained he acted within the rules on a campaign visit.

“Compare and contrast, an email sent to over 100 people, bring your own booze.”

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