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Boris caught out again as another damning photo shows him drinking at a ‘No.10 Christmas party’ and warned more ‘will come out’

9th Feb 22 1:43 pm

The Prime Minister has been told to explain himself on Wednesday after another photo has emerged with him opening a bottle of Champagne with food laid out at a “Christmas party” in December 2020.

The Daily Mirror obtained the photograph showing Boris Johnson with three members of staff with one of them wearing a Santa hat another wearing tinsel during lockdown.

Labour MP Fabian Hamilton put Johnson on the spot and said, “In the last few minutes a picture has emerged of the Prime Minister in Downing Street on the 15 December 2020 surrounded by alcohol, food and people wearing tinsel.

“It looks a lot like one of the Christmas parties he told us never happened.”

The Labour MP said this event was not one the alleged parties in No.10 which is being investigated by Scotland Yard.

However, the Prime Minister “In what he has just said, I am afraid he is completely in error,” but Johnson later admitted the photo been refereed to the police.

London was under Tier 2 regulations banning any social mixing between two or more people from different households at the time the photo was taken.

Official guidance stated, “You must not have a work Christmas lunch or party, where that is a primarily social activity and is not otherwise permitted by the rules in your tier.”

Another party which took place in Downing Street previously reported showed that the PM had allegedly on the 15 December 2020 socialising and drinking for four hours.

Staff were allegedly knocking back fizz, wine and beer and it was reported that they held a quiz with team names including “Professor Quiz Whitty,” “Next Slide Please,” and “Hands, Face, First Place.”

At the time the Prime Minister said that “I can tell you once again that I certainly broke no rules.”

Barrister Adam Wagner told The Mirror, “The previous photograph of the Prime Minister showed what could have been a meeting briefly interrupted by a Zoom call.

“However, the new photograph shows four people with alcohol and food, as well as a Christmas hat and tinsel, which suggests a Christmas party.

“This was held at a time when indoor social gatherings of two or more people were banned and the Government had told people they ‘must’ not have a Christmas party.”

The barrister added, “In light of the new evidence it now makes no sense for this gathering not to be investigated by the police given that an almost identical gathering in the Cabinet Secretary Simon Case’s office two day’s later is being investigated.”

Johnson’s former aide Dominic Cummings warned on Twitter that there are “way better pics than that floating around” and “they will come out.”

Billionaire hedge fund chief John Armitage has critised Boris Johnson and warned he is “past the point of of no return” and he must quit.

Speaking to the BBC Armitage was asked if Johnson is “past the point of no return” and he said, “Well, personally yes.”

He also said he has doubts over the mini reshuffle in No 10 and added, “God above. What about a sense of personal responsibility?

“‘Oh I’m going to change my chief of staff and it will all be fine.’ Oh really?”

A former Cabinet minister told the Mirror: “If Sue Gray finds he lied to parliament unequivocally, or depending what action police take – that’s it.

“Either of those two things would be terminal.”

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