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Boris branded "two-faced backstabber" by black cab driver in angry letter

by LLB Editor
15th Mar 16 4:17 pm

London Mayor Boris Johnson and black cab drivers don’t see eye to eye.

In June last year, the mayor was caught telling a black cab driver to “f*** off and die” after a spat about Johnson’s policy on minicab booking service Uber.

Now a black cab driver has called Boris a “two-faced backstabber” for issuing private hire licenses that are hurting the black cab industry.

In a letter to the London mayor, Cab driver Mark Blackett wrote that he’s “looking for a different job” because of the downfall of the black cab trade.

Blackett went on to say that he’ll move countries if Johnson ever became prime minister.

The letter comes after the number of private hire drivers has increased from 59,000 in April 2010 to around 100,000 today.

This week, Transport for London (TfL) is considering new regulations to modernise and improve the private hire industry. The TfL board is being urged to put strict rules in place for the duration of the vehicle license, English language requirements and advanced fare estimates.

Here’s Blackett’s letter in full:

Mr Johnson,

What have you done to the black cab trade? The cabbies were fairly instrumental in your election. We handed out leaflets and receipts saying “vote Boris” [sic] after your promises to us. Only for you to allow TFL to issue about 100,000 PH [private hire] licenses and they are still issuing 600 licenses each week ! You are The Mayor of London [sic], so you CAN tell TFL what to do.
You Sir, are the same as all politicians, two-faced and a backstabber! I will one [sic] of the first to emigrate if you ever become Prime Minister of this, which was a great country!

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Blackett
( yes, I am a cab driver looking for different job ! )



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