Home Business News Belarus threatens Ukraine with ‘the complete destruction of Ukraine’ and huge amount of people will ‘die’

Belarus threatens Ukraine with ‘the complete destruction of Ukraine’ and huge amount of people will ‘die’

25th Nov 22 3:24 pm

The Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has threatened Ukraine with “the complete destruction of Ukraine” if they do not surrender.

Vladimir Putin’s puppet Lukashenko suggested that Ukraine are blocking peace talks and Kyiv will have to “explain to the Ukrainian people” why the war is ongoing.

Russia is bombarding Ukraine with wide spread air strikes targeting critical energy infrastructure and Kyiv has been warned that they “will be sent back to the 18th century.”

Critical infrastructure across Ukraine is under constant attack  which is causing major blackouts across large parts of the country and many are without water and heating as the mercury continues to plummet.

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Russian UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said, “We are conducting strikes against infrastructure in response to the unbridled flow of weapons to Ukraine and the reckless appeals of Kyiv to defeat Russia.”

Lukashenko said on Friday, “Everything is in Ukraine’s hands. No, not because I want to shove this topic on Ukraine and Zelensky.

“Truly, everything is in Ukraine’s hands, if they don’t want the death of a huge number of people. It will be difficult, complex, challenging, but if they want to recover, this needs to stop because next will be the complete destruction of Ukraine.

“It is not what Putin was saying, long before the operation, that this will risk losing the state, the statehood of Ukraine. No, this will be the destruction of Ukraine. It needs to stop.

“Listen, the way we fought with fascist Germany, 30 million people died. Who remembers this today? In Belarus and in a bit of Russia, that is it.

“So, the wounds have healed. Now they are ready not just to talk, but to cooperate, to be friends. Same here. We’ll manage it, we’ll make amends.

“We, our generation, probably will be able to explain to the Ukrainian people what has happened.

“Thus, whichever way you go, there will be peace negotiations. Peace, peace and peace again.”

Putin’s ally and deputy speaker of the Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy, admitted that Russia will “destroy” Ukraine’s infrastructure.

Tolstoy told French broadcaster BFM, “The infrastructure of Ukraine will be destroyed, and Ukraine will be sent back to the 18th century.”

He said that Ukraine’s Western allies “will pay the price” and warned that the West should now “prepare itself for war that will last years.”

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