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A surge in support could force ‘Scotland to become independent’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
28th Apr 19 12:19 pm

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon will declare today this it is now “time for Scotland to become independent.”

Sturgeon will cite a recent poll that indicates support for independence has now risen to 49%, this argument will be used for Theresa May’s government to drop their opposition on a second referendum.

David Livington, Theresa May’s de facto deputy dismissed on Thursday that prospect for a fresh independence vote.

He said, “We don’t see any evidence that there’s a demand from the people of Scotland for changing the decision they took in 2014.”

YouGov poll showed support for Scotland to leave the UK had risen from 45% to 49%, proving the Conservative party are wrong, Sturgeon is expected to say at the SNP conference in Edinburgh.

Sturgeon who will address party activists will say there should be a second independence referendum before the next Holyrood election in May 2021.

She will suggest the ballot can still take place regardless of whether Brexit goes ahead or not.

The SNP leader will say in her keynote speech, “It is time – time for Scotland to become independent.

“The last three years have shown, beyond any doubt, that for Scotland the Westminster system is broken.

“Scotland needs the choice of a better future. Scotland needs an independent future.”

She will say the “UK government says it will block Scotland’s right to choose,” there is a mandate for a referendum, Sturgeon will insist nut “not just one but two Scottish elections” that has been endorsed by the Scottish Parliament.

Lashing out at May’s government over the issue she will say their only friends in Parliament are the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP),” and May’s party could well “go down in history as the Undemocratic Unionist Party.”

Sturgeon will say to the conference, “On Thursday, they tried to justify their position by saying there was no upsurge in support for independence.

“Two days later the latest opinion poll was already proving them wrong.

“It shows support for independence already up. So, our job now is to get it surging. And ensure that no Tory government can ever stand in the way of Scotland’s right to choose.”

In her conference speech she is to unveil plans to “help get the balance right” with short term holiday lets and permanent accommodation, where Airbnb is impacting on housing.

There is a £150m housing package that also includes helping first-time-buyers.

Airbnb is “one of the reasons why Scotland’s tourism industry is booming” as it is “cheaper, more flexible travel.”

She will add, “For others, particularly in tourist hotspots, like the centre of this city, it is making it harder to find homes to live in.

“So today, we are setting out new plans to help cities like Edinburgh, and islands like Arran, get the balance right.”

The first minister will announce the Scottish government are seeking “views on a new system of regulation to make short-term let’s subject to the same controls as any other accommodation.”

She will add, “We want to give councils the power to control the number of lets and ensure they make a contribution to the services they use.”

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