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44% of consumers boycot brands on its ethics or eco-policies

by LLB Reporter
20th Jul 18 2:10 pm

New data released by online clothing retailer Clothes2Order has revealed that almost half of consumers have boycotted a brand based on its ethics or eco-policies.

The data, from a survey commissioned to find out people’s opinions on eco-friendly brands and ethical practises, found that around 50% of those surveyed said that they have researched a brand’s policies before making a purchase, with 44% admitting they had boycotted a brand based on its ethics or the way a product was produced.

With plastic pollution dominating headlines, and the public becoming increasingly aware of the impact their daily lives have on the environment, it appears consumers are taking note and critiquing not only the products they’re buying, but the businesses they’re buying from.

The survey also found that 45% of people in the UK would be willing to spend more of their cash on a product which has been created using green methods.

So, whereabouts in the UK could businesses benefit the most from going green? The top 5 most ethically conscious consumer regions are…

  1. London – 8%
  2. West Midlands – 4%
  3. Wales – 5%
  4. East Midlands – 66%
  5. Northern Ireland – 2%

Simon Turner, managing director of Clothes2Order commented on the statistics:

“The results from our survey have categorically shown consumer attitudes are changing, and business owners are going to have to adapt to greener methods of working or face the consequences.

 “Practises such as water saving technologies, which we have implemented within our production, plastic minimisation and carbon footprint reductive techniques are not only good for the environment, but now appear to be a savvy business move for those looking to keep in touch with their customer’s attitudes.”

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