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2.6m UK cars at risk from cleaning damage

6th Oct 17 9:51 am

One in five car owners are concerned about the dangers of car washes

A survey by leading car care provider, Armor All, has found that one in five car owners worries about the risk of damage to their car as a result of using a professional car cleaning service. In addition to this, one in ten of those that took part in the research had experienced damage to their vehicle after paying for it to be cleaned. Nationally, this could equate to as many as 2.6 million cars being at risk of damage.

Harsh chemicals, dirty water full of stones and grit from other cars, and faulty car wash machines are among the long list of dangers that could potentially damage beloved vehicles during the professional car washing process.

Responding to these results, Armor All is calling for the return of the family car wash. Not only a great way of ensuring your car gets all the care and attention necessary to keep it looking its very best without the risk of damage, this will also bring the family together to spend quality time outside in the fresh air.

Paul Hough, sales and marketing controller at Armor All, said: “It’s likely that after your house, your car is the most expensive thing you own. With this in mind, it’s perhaps quite worrying that more people aren’t aware of the possible damage to your car that could potentially arise from having it professionally cleaned.

“While keeping your car clean is a chore that is often viewed as being easier when delegated, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you factor in the potential nuisance and cost of having to deal with damage to your car, it’s definitely worth considering making it a fun activity for the whole family to share. If families took ownership of the car wash once again, it would negate any risk coming from the professional car washing process, allow for quality family time, and tick one job off the to do list in a fun and safe way for all.”

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