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Workers twice as likely to leave a job if they don’t have a good relationship with colleagues and management

by LLB Reporter
19th Jul 23 5:48 am

The team at www.hampers.com recently undertook a study of more than 2,300 UK adults who have been in full-time employment for more than 10 years, of which they’ve spent a minimum of five years within their current role at the same company; the study is part of a wider campaign into employee happiness around the UK.

It was initially found that those who work in an office or work environment for the majority of the working week (three days or more) are more satisfied with their jobs (87% are happy with their job); this is compared to 55% who work predominantly from home.

Asked what it was about their current role or company that led them to stay in the role for as long as they have, the below were found to be the five most popular reasons across the board, whether people worked in an office, at home or a mix of the two:

  • Good relationships with my colleagues and managers/boss – 71%
  • Flexibility – 68%
  • Working for a company with similar ethics to me – 55%
  • I feel I am listened to – 53%
  • Good perks – 49%

Everyone who stated that ‘similar ethics’ were important were asked to expand on this; the most common things that employees like to see from their place of work is that they offer the National Living Wage (38%), make an effort to be sustainable (37%) and like to do work with charities (32%).

Similarly, those who stated ‘good perks’ are important revealed the following to be the ones they’re most interested in: a bonus and/or commission scheme (40%), additional annual leave accrued with length of service (37%) and the option for hybrid working (37%).

When asked about relationships they have with colleagues and management, the research found UK adults are twice as likely to leave a job if they don’t have good relationships than they are to stay (67% – 33% respectively).

More than half (53%) admitted that they’ve left roles in the past as they didn’t feel a connection with their previous employer or those they worked closely with on a day-to-day basis.

Patrick Gore, Managing Director of www.hampers.com, said, “We as employers have a responsibility to ensure our teams are looked after, and that doesn’t just mean in the workplace. We live in a time where people need flexibility, trust and the option for hybrid working.

“It’s also important that we do our bit; for the planet, for our teams and to set an example – not just for other businesses but for those who will follow.

“Here at hampers.com, we put people at the heart of the business – and we believe showing it and proving it is just as important as living by it. Just last year we were accredited Carbon Neutral, we became a Real Living Wage Employer and we were named one of the Best Small Companies to work for in the UK.

“We’re also due to submit our application for B Corp certification. We want anyone who works with us to know they’re important and valued and we are and will do everything we can to ensure they’re looked after.”

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