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Windows 11 is fantastic, but Xbox Cloud is so much better

by John Saunders
27th Aug 21 1:37 pm

While Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 11 is one of the best-operating systems ever released, the company’s Xbox Cloud has hogged all the limelight and deservedly so.

Put your scepticism away and prepare yourself to welcome Windows 11, an operating system that will most likely meet the hype it’s being sold on over the next couple of months. Windows 11 has been circulating in the news as one of the most intuitive, customer-focused operating systems Microsoft has ever produced.

While Windows 11 is supposed to be a sort of “transitional version” where Microsoft just tests things around without much consideration for user comfort, this has completely changed in this version. The OS is not just good to go – it’s tailored to your own needs in many exciting ways.

However, even with all this hype building up about Windows 11, there is a bigger contender for the title of best product this year, and that, according to Bright Side of News, is Xbox Cloud, a free add-on to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Forget Windows – get in on the Xbox Cloud action

Xbox Cloud is here to completely revolutionize gaming. Just like Microsoft Stadia before it, the company is telling consumers that hardware should never ever again stop you from accessing your favorite games, whether you want to play on handheld devices, consoles, or desktop computers.

Compatibility is a key focus for many companies, and that is why Microsoft is taking the Xbox Cloud service and effectively allowing you to play from every device possible, including iPad, Android smartphones, or even your work PC. In fact, you can play from your ancient laptop as long as it has a great Internet connection, and this is definitely a way to save up on hardware space.

Xbox Cloud has made it so that you can really connect to your favorite games without the need to use additional hardware power. Naturally, you can still use some of the best VPN for PC and Windows 10 or your operating systems to feel extra safe, and so long as your Internet connection is great, Xbox Cloud will deliver impeccable results.

Want to enjoy great zero-friction gaming

Switching to Xbox Cloud for your gaming needs doesn’t mean that you are giving up on what you have achieved from your console devices. Quite to the contrary, in fact, as Xbox Cloud will retrieve all your progress and carry it over to any device.

Actually, it’s not quite the device Xbox Cloud covers but rather grants you access to the place where your progress is stored, which is Microsoft’s own cloud servers. It’s a great way to always feel involved with your gaming sessions and never feel “casual” about gaming.

You are able to continually build up and improve on your past progress without any additional friction. And, the best part? Microsoft has made sure to integrate everything in a seamless and welcoming manner. Integration is smooth, and there are zero reasons why you should fear misfires of any sort.

What about the actual gaming performance

Of course, streaming is not always ideal, especially when you are gaming. Obviously, you need a little better connection to get things through, but with compressing technologies being what they are today, Xbox Cloud does deliver well.

However, there are some conditions you ought to meet. For example, if you intend to play on WiFi, check out a connection that is at least a 5GHz band to support play. It does seem that anything below 2.4GHz will start deteriorating your experience. Other than that, Xbox Cloud is a fantastic choice.

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