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Will Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot’s $50bn merger race ahead with improved software?

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
17th Dec 19 12:11 pm

Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot are speeding ahead with their intended $50bn merger, providing a prime opportunity for the car-makers to peek under the bonnet and assess the best way to integrate the IT systems which fuels their businesses.

Car-makers rely on an overwhelming amount of IT applications, from managing Just In Time supply chains to ERP systems building high-quality vehicles which contain on average 100m lines of code. With manufacturers also racing ahead to create driverless and electric vehicles, analysing the IT systems prior to merging could give the newly formed group a boost to shake-off monolithic systems, streamline IT applications and accelerate past competitors.

Software Intelligence experts Cast, understand mergers can be riddled with complexity but also provide an opportunity to evaluate the current technology to form better IT systems which meet the needs of businesses in an increasingly digital era.

Rado Nikolov, EVP said, “The Fiat Chrysler-Peugeot merger is currently expected to generate savings of €3.7bn, and this is not the only benefit. It also presents an opportunity to modernize and scale the best of both organizations’ core systems and vehicle software by objectively assessing its robustness, efficiency, security, maintainability, and, where applicable, cloud readiness.

We have seen companies in post-merger situations take advantage of software intelligence to remove any subjectivity from such prioritization decisions and accelerate critical systems transformation.”


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