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Why you should use a white label trading platform

by John Saunders
26th Mar 20 6:13 pm

Did you know that the term ‘white label’ derives from the white tag that record manufacturers would put onto their vinyl records before the official artwork was released?

Mainly this has evolved into meaning the act of ‘one company repackaging other companies’ services and passing it off as their own.’

In our context, as a company who provides a white label trading platform, it means new, or established brokerages can take advantage of our systems and software without having to go through the considerable effort of developing it themselves.

We have a ready-to-use product which has been tested and optimised to meet demand. It means you don’t have to waste time and resources looking for developers, investing in infrastructure or paying significant maintenance fees. We provide a mature, out of the box solution which can be labelled to look like it was your brokerage who spent the years, time and effort developing it.

You can relax knowing our ecosystem of products integrate seamlessly, maximise revenue and streamline workflow.

Either way, white-label software enables businesses to offer reliability, quality, scalability and efficient operations at a considerable discount when compared to proprietary software.

However, you won’t just be a faceless white label forex broker, piggybacking on us. No, your brokerage will be its own entity with its own identity and systems. We provide you with the tools and support, but ultimately you have the final say on how the pieces all fit together for you and your brokerage.

The advantages of our white label trading platform

Over the past decade, Forex trading has become prevalent with more than $5 trillion being traded daily.

Due to the Forex exchanges allowing for 24-7 trading, it makes the forex industry the most lucrative, liquid, fast-paced and therefore the most demanding. Your brokerage will have to rise to the challenges daily.

Eventually, your business will revolve around this trading platform and it will need to become synonymous with your brokerage and be easy for your clients to navigate.

We have chosen the best in the industry. Meaning, it works and that traders are already using it with considerable success. The most trusted software in the industry is the MT4 platform.

Our MT4 white label forex trading platform is highly customisable, robust, packed with analytical tools and requires very little maintenance, which means little to no downtime for your brokerage.

MT4 can integrate with services like payment solutions, affiliate systems, traffic providers and VOIP systems.

As mentioned earlier, it is entirely adaptable to suit your branding. We can provide you with a professional logo, or you can choose your own. Wherever you can interact with your employees or customers, your brokerage will be instantly recognised.

Our white label MT4 platform includes:-

  • The ability to optimise expert advisors or EA’s with the MT4 strategy tester. That enables clients to backtest their strategies on all markets and time intervals
  • Your clients will have access to real-time news feeds.
  • Hundreds of technical indicators like, ATR, Volume, Stochastics, Fibonacci
  • Lightning-fast order entries and executions
  • Access to trading instruments like Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities, Shares and ETFs
  • Market depth
  • Multi-currency support
  • Security – Effective protection from DDoS attacks
  • Web and desktop versions, and our forex trading app will give your customers the flexibility to trade on the go
  • PAMM
  • Exact Copier

Back office solutions

Forex white label solutions have emerged as a popular tool, especially client-facing systems like the MT4 platform, CRM and traders room. When using our services, you get the benefit of being able to exploit our team of professionals. We have a large expert team who are accustomed to supporting brokerages. That is particularly useful for smaller firms who don’t have the budget to hire an extensive group of developers and other specialists with various skills needed to run a brokerage.

White label solutions allow you to stay competitive and agile, and it also enables you to concentrate on other important areas like customer acquisition and customer service.

Our back-office solutions are designed to help control processes like customer interactions, sales, transaction monitoring and data mining.

Popcorn technology facilitates success

Time to market

You will be up and running in a few short weeks. We will carry out the necessary paperwork, set up your systems, accounts, payments gateways and provide you with all the information you need to operate.

Institutional liquidity

We have relationships with many large banks and trading institutions, and therefore we can introduce you to tier one liquidity providers which mean increased efficiency and competitive costs.


We understand that a white label trading platform might seem complicated at first. We are always there to lend a helping hand. We will be with you from the beginning until the end. The Popcorn Technology team is professional and is available to help you out 24/6.

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