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Why cheap car transportation services aren’t always the best

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4th May 21 2:26 pm

When deciding to move your car one of the first concerns that we have is the cost related with the service. It is a well-known fact that car transportation is not a cheap service. Also, it is a complicated job and hence we must look for a reliable moving company that offers affordable services. Finding a cheap car transport company is often the main criterion when we start our search for the best Auto Transporter in the region. Yu can explore movingfeedback.com and find the best auto transport company in the region.

But, have you ever thought that a cheap moving company may be compromising on several aspects when offering you below the marketspace car moving services. Yes, there is a certain cost associated with car moving services. A company can charge you over this value but when you get a car moving quote that is way below the average cost of moving the vehicle, you must be concerned.

Car moving cost usually comprises the cost of moving the car in a truck, packing material used to secure the car and its safety, taxes to be paid to the state and road tax authority. As we go deeper in the matter, it is important to understand that the company offering you a cheap price quote might be tricking you. They might be compromising on the quality of services or may be overlooking certain aspects that are important for ensuring complete safety of your vehicle during the transport.

It is crucial to ensure that you are working with a reliable and professional moving company and not a company that only focuses on offering a cheap price. Some key points t note:

1. They come up with hidden charges

It is a common practice for rogue movers to offer a cheap moving process to the customers and bring heavy traffic to their business. Such companies won’t offer you high quality moving services. All they would do is offer you a cheap moving price and then come up with additional and hidden charges towards the end of the transaction. It is important that you avoid the hassle and ask plenty of questions to the car shipping services provider. It is crucial to ask the movers to offer you a written estimate for the final services inclusive all fees and charges. It is one of the most common car moving mistakes to avoid.

2. They might not be a registered moving company

Another concern when hiring cheap movers is that you may end up engaging with an individual than a professional moving company, Many times, unregistered individuals start offering cheap moving services to get business and profits. The individual would handle the entire car transportation process which exposes your car to a wide range of risks. Moreover, an individual won’t have the right professionalism or a customer service where you can report your grievances and ask for a compensation.

3. They may not be insured and bonded

The worst thing to happen with you when moving a car is getting a damaged vehicle at the time of delivery. It is advised to partner with a moving company that has insurance and is fully bonded. If you do not check that the company is a full insured and bonded moving company, you will not only sustain the damage but have nowhere to claim for the losses. This makes the entire situation worse as you have a damaged vehicle with no one to call out for the compensation for the losses.

4. They can be potential scammers

Cheap car shipping companies can also be possible scammers. In most of the cases, such scammers ask for an advance deposit and once you make the deposit, they are nowhere to be found. It is very important that you check that you are dealing with a legitimate moving company. You can check for a six-digit MC Docket number. The moving company will also be registered with the federal motor car administration. Finally, it is crucial that you check the customer’s reviews for the moving company. Checking all these aspects will help you ensure that you are dealing with a reputed moving company that won’t scam you.


It is recommended to find a car transportation company through referrals. The moving company that is reliable and offers credible services must be the one that enjoys word of mouth publicity. You can ask your family and friends for any recommendation. You can also read the company reviews on different moving service platforms and ensure that the car shipping company you are considering are worth trusting.

Transporting a vehicle is not an easy task. You need to ensure that the moving company you hire is worth your trust. A moving company that offers cheap car transportation services may not necessarily be the best one and can leave you with great losses. Keep the above mentioned aspects in mind when you start your search for a car transportation company for moving your precious asset to another state or location.

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