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Why are proxy servers essential for successful sneaker copping?

by Sarah Dunsby
19th Dec 23 1:55 pm

Sneakers have long past being utilitarian shoes for sports activities. While basketball, football, tennis, and other sneakers are still branded by famous athletes, owning a collection of premium shoes has become a matter of prestige. Simultaneously, wearing sneakers in fancy outfits is also perfectly acceptable from a fashion standpoint.

No wonder the sneakers industry is projected to reach $120 billion by 2026. With this number in mind, it’s easy to understand why competing for a new release or restock edition of high-end sneakers has become a sport where you need various tools to compete and elevate your shoe collection with new items.

Challenges of getting new sneakers

Getting a new limited edition sneaker can be challenging if you like Under Armour, Nike, Adidas or other brands. An entire subculture evolved from buyers who want premium limited sneakers, and brands happily exploit that trend by offering such items in several different ways.

You can compete for a first-come-first-served release of sneakers where the quickest buyers get the loot. However, many sneaker companies now opt for a queue type of sales. In this instance, buyers are in giant queues, and the company chooses who will get the sneakers using a raffle system.

If you want to get into sneakers, joining X, Reddit, and Discord groups is essential. You should also follow Solelinks and Kick on Fire for timely insights.

Whether you’re aiming for a drop or restock sneaker, just going to the online store probably won’t cut it because your competition uses advanced tools like sneaker bots and proxy servers.

Why do you need proxies and bots?

Software bots can do needed actions like checking out if a sneaker is released faster than a person can, and you can also place several quick orders to get more pairs. The bots come with their own challenges. Most sneaker companies don’t like bots and have systems that actively fight against them.

While you need bots to compete with other sneaker coppers, it will not be sufficient. A proxy server is necessary to get your limited Air Jordan sneakers.

Why is that so? Well, bots usually send overwhelming requests towards the destination server, causing the hosts to be suspicious. You can get easily detected, and your IP can get banned. Simultaneously, some sneaker sales are geographically restricted, so you won’t be able to participate with your original IP address.

An IP address is your online legitimation assigned by your Internet Service Provider, and it tells a lot about you, including your location. Proxy servers reroute your internet data, and the website you’re visiting thinks it is coming from alternate IP addresses. This intermediary helps with online privacy and security, but for this use case, it can also be extremely useful for sneaker copping.

Best proxy types for sneaker copping

The proxy server will change your IP; even if the anti-bot system recognizes your bot, your original IP won’t be in trouble. Residential is the best proxy for sneaker bots, as it satisfies several prerequisites. For starters, they offer genuine IP addresses assigned from ISPs. Sneaker websites won’t get suspicious, and you can turn up the game by choosing rotating residential proxy servers. On the downside, residential proxies can have problems with speed and reliability and are more expensive.

Datacenter proxies have high availability, and you will get the best speed for the money. However, these proxies don’t have authentic IPs from users and can be detected more easily.

If you want to explore the best sneaker proxies, Proxyway has a comprehensive review of the best providers. Other things to consider for sneaker copping include getting more than one IP address. Maintaining the same IP address will help you get your sneakers on some websites. Try hiring proxy servers located near the store’s servers, which will improve the speed of the connection and improve your chance of landing new releases.

Whatever you choose, avoid free proxies as they are unreliable, have already exploited and blocked IPs, and such providers have websites packed with advertisements and often malware.

Almost every sneaker brand has its own sneaker bots, so you can focus on the brand you like the most. Outside of dedicated Adidas and Nike bots, you can use those focused on Shopify platform or multipurpose general bots.

What to use for copping?

Residential proxies will fare best against anti-bot systems, while datacenter proxies can come in handy if you must act swiftly before the online store runs out of stock. Datacenter proxies are also the most affordable, while residential proxies and their authentic IPs can deliver the best if you need multiple actions performed on the destination website.


In the wild world of sneaker copping, where snagging those limited-edition kicks is a serious game, using proxy servers is like having a secret weapon. You will need more than luck to win the sales to get limited edition sneakers, first release or restock of premium shoes.

That is where sneaker bots and proxy server tandem step in. Bots quickly send requests and maneuver the online store much more swiftly and efficiently than any human could. At the same time, proxy servers provide IP addresses bypassing some anti-bot detection. You can use residential or datacenter proxies depending on what you need. Consult the list of the best proxies for sneaker bots and elevate your sneaker hunt odds.

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