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Whole of England could be plunged into ‘stay at home’ lockdown

21st Dec 20 3:03 pm

The former chief government scientific adviser has warned Boris Johnson that he “shouldn’t wait” and place the whole of England into lockdown.

Sir David King is heavily critical of the Prime Minister’s response to the pandemic and other scientists have accused Johnson of making another “blundering error.”

Speaking to Sky News Sir David warned that there is now “only one course of action” to deal with the more contagious new strain of coronavirus.

He added, “I think there’s no doubt about it, we need to go into lockdown and we need to go into lockdown sooner than the government is tending to do.”

He said that the government must act quickly to stop the soaring infection rates of the new variant.

Professor Calum Semple, who sits on the government’s advisory group SAGE, warned that this new strain in the UK is “causing more disease more rapidly.”

The Professor said that the new variant is likely to “out compete other strains” of the virus which could become dominant globally.

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has slammed Johnson and accused him of giving “false hope” and making “slow decisions.”

The Labour leader said in a stark warning that the UK is “now in a real emergency” and Johnson must be straight with the public over precisely what it is happening.

Sir Keir said, “The prime minister needs to be straight with people about precisely what is going on and precisely what he is doing about it,” he said.

“He must address the nation today after this morning’s Cobra meeting and hold daily press conferences until the disruption has eased.”

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