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What type of London tradesman am I in need of

by Sarah Dunsby
13th Dec 18 10:40 am

At times you may find yourself in need of a completed task, but feel a little unsure as to which type of tradesman in London is right for the job. While some work can be carried out efficiently by experts from various trades, there are other more specific tasks which need the knowledge, expertise, and skills of a specific tradesman.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are thinking about fitting a power shower, which tradesman is right for the task? You may initially think it should be a plumber but wait a moment, would you not need the services of an electrician? Indeed, it can all seem a little too confusing at times! Other jobs that could easily fall into the same rather ambiguous category could involve work related to gas boilers, floor tiling, flashing and the list goes on!

Let’s take a look at a few of these areas in more detail to see why they cause so much confusion.

Fitting a Power Shower – Which Tradesman Will Fit The Bill?

So if you are simply replacing an old shower, the task of finding the right tradesman is rather easy. Since all of the electrics are already in place you should get by just fine with the services of a plumber; easy!

However, if you are getting a new shower installed where a previous one did not exist, the confusion has just arrived! You are going to need the services of electricians in London for this task, or if you find a plumber who is P certified they will also be in a position to carry out the task.

Kitchen Worktops – Who To Call?

Getting your ‘heart of the home’ kitted out with a brand new spanking kitchen can sure set you back an arm and a leg, to say the least. That’s why the option to simply have the kitchen worktops replaced can be a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a makeover. Of course, a kitchen fitter could be the right tradesman for the job, however, you will also likely find that a carpenter will have the right skill set and competence to provide your kitchen with a new look.

UPVC Door – Who Will Be Fit To Hang It?

Of course, you know that the fitting of UPVC windows calls for the service of a window fitter, however, who can you call for the fitting of a UPVC door? While a carpenter should be able to hang the door effectively there are several pitfalls that come into play when fitting a UPVC door so you may find that a window fitter will be better suited to the task at hand.

Floor Tiling – Which Expert Is Right?

If your kitchen or bathroom is in need of new tiles you need to call an expert but who is right for the job; a tiler, a floor fitter or
builders in London? In general, tiling is best done by a professional tiler. Certainly, floor fitters will know how to lay tiles but tilers devote all of their time and energy to this floor type so they will know how to make it look whistle-worthy.

Flashing (Weatherproofing) – Which Professional Can Complete The Task?

Your choice of tradesman may depend on where the flashing needs to be done. If it is around the area of the chimney stack you may find that a chimney specialist is your best port of call in such a case. However, many roofers will also have experience as chimney specialists so for this one it may be wise to make contact with each professional.

Damp Proofing – Do You Need A Damp Specialist?

If you are certain that the London property in question has a damp issue then, of course, the obvious and logical choice is to call a damp proofing specialist. However, are you sure that damp is actually the issue here? Condensation can easily be confused with damp. If you want to be sure of the problem you are actually facing it may be wise to figure out the root of the problem first. Something as simple as improving the ventilation could quickly show you that you do not need to invest in the services of a damp specialist.

Laminate Flooring – Who Is Right To Lay It?

When you need to get a caret fitted it is easy; you call a carpet fitter. However, when it comes to laminate flooring the types can vary rather significantly. So who should carry out the work? It really does require you to think about the nature of the work. If the flooring comes on a roll you may find that a carpet fitter would be ideal for the task, however, if it is more like laminate pieces that need to be set together, you may be better hiring the help of a floor fitter.

Gas Boilers – Who Will Get You Back In Heat?

There are few things worse than finding out that your heating system had decided to play up. One common complaint is that of the timer for the heating system refusing to do what it is meant to do. Of course, these situations always seem to happen in the dead of winter! If you find yourself facing something similar you are likely going to need the services of a central heating engineer. This type of London professional will be equipped with the right knowledge, expertise and relevant parts to carry out any necessary repair work and have you back in heat once again!

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