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The top five most popular kitchen worktops

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6th Jan 20 10:25 am

There are plenty of different options you can choose between for your kitchen worktops. Along with the look of the kitchen cabinets you will have fitted for you, the surface of each of your worktops is probably the number consideration to weigh up. This is because worktops form relatively large expanses of colour within your overall design. Furthermore, the different types each have pros and cons to factor in. What are the top five best-selling worktops in the UK and why?


Laminate worktops


Of all the different types you could choose, laminates are the most popular these days. This is principally because they are versatile and inexpensive. Laminates can be cut to various sizes with relative ease so kitchen fitters tend to favour them. What’s more, you can get laminates that mimic the appearance of much more expensive options so they offer a great deal of value for money. One important factor that you should know about is that they can be marked by very hot items being placed on them unprotected.


Natural wood


Although natural wood kitchen worktops did not used to be popular, they increasingly are. You don’t need a farmhouse style kitchen to benefit from their warm look, either. These days, great looks with natural wood will suit very modern kitchens, too, especially when a skilled designer is at work. They are resistant to bacteria and can be sanded down if stained. However, they need to be oiled once in a while and they can be damaged by some spillages, too.


Corian worktops


Corian is a trusted brand that makes kitchen worktops which look seamless in all styles of kitchen. The plastic resin used for the surface is tough and it can have pigments added to make it look completely individual to your taste. Corian work surfaces can be formed into different shapes due to the fact that they don’t have chipboard innards. Affording a high-sheen finish, they can be scratched, so some of their sparkle will inevitably diminish over time.


Granite worktops


Granite has long been favoured by British kitchen owners. It is heavy, classy and comes with a variety of sparkly finishes so it suits many tastes and preferences. What’s more, you can place hot items on a granite work surface without worrying that it will cause any marks whatsoever. Indeed, granite is hygienic and easy to maintain, too. However, it is harder to work with than other sorts of material meaning that it comes with a greater cost. Bear in mind that this is a porous stone, so you do need to seal it every couple of years to keep it in tip-top condition.


Quartz worktops


Favoured by many people who like a lot of light in their kitchen, quartz is highly reflective and very durable. You will rarely find quartz worktops which have been chipped or scratched even after many years of use. Unlike granite, they do not require any form of sealant. Nevertheless, this is a more expensive option than others and quartz also is not the best material for prolonged exposure to hot items.

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