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Vaccine passports will create a surge of unsafe ‘indoor house parties’ leading to more infections

by LLB political Reporter
1st Sep 21 2:08 pm

The government have confirmed that they are to go ahead and introduce vaccine passports in England from the end of September.

Members of the public will be forced to show proof they have had a vaccine to be allowed entry into events and other venues such as nightclubs.

Sacha Lord, Greater Manchester’s night-time economy adviser has warned that vaccine passports will “encourage a surge of indoor house parties.”

As England is approaching autumn and children going back to school this will lead to a surge in cases and scientists have previously warned infections rise during the winter months as more people gather indoors.

He said, there are “countless unanswered questions” over the “discriminatory nature” of the vaccine passport scheme which could impact people who “choose not to have a vaccine.”

Sacha Lord said, “The measures will cause enormous disruption to an already struggling industry.

“It will not only encourage a surge of indoor house parties, arguably less safe in terms of security and monitoring alcohol consumption…

“We already have sensible, safe precautions across the hospitality sector, and with nightclubs already open we have proof that the current set up is working safely and effectively.”

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) told LondonLovesBusiness, this “will cripple the industry.”

Michael Kill CEO NTIA said, “Confirmation that the Government will continue to press on with the Covid Passport strategy for nightclubs and indoor gatherings, even against a furious backlash from MP’s across the House of Commons and Industry leaders is disappointing as it will cripple the industry.”

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