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Ultimate guide to a flawless glass skin

by John Saunders
13th Sep 21 2:58 pm

It’s been a few years since we have heard the word ‘’ glass skin’’. This term was first introduced by Korean skincare brands. When Korean products crossed borders and reached the mainstream skincare hubs, people became obsessed with getting flawless skin. Korean skincare or as the beauty enthusiasts call it K-beauty, is known for its surprisingly unique formulations. Korean skincare brands follow an eight to ten step beauty ritual. Perfectly smooth skin without any open pores is called glass skin. 

How does it work?

The sequence of this regimen is important. Hydration is the key. Products are applied in such a manner that the skin is given time to absorb the product one by one. Translucent skin or flawless skin can be achieved by following an eight step skincare guide.1.

1. Double cleanse

Double cleansing was first introduced by Asian skincare brands. Before applying anything on your face, you must remove any oil, dirt or greasiness from your face by using a micellar water or any make up remover. After this step you can wash your face with a gentle face wash. There should be no dirt or make up residue left on your face before moving onto the next step. 

2. Exfoliate

After gentle cleansing, scrubbing your face with a gentle exfoliator will open your pores and remove any underlying dirt from your skin. Nowadays, many exfoliators use micro granules of natural ingredients like oatmeal, groundnuts, apricots and guava. These microgranules make the skin smoother and make up a good canvas for a flawless make up base. Over-exfoliation should be avoided. 

3. Tone your face

Toner is applied after exfoliating to maintain the pH levels of the skin. Toning can smoothen the uneven skin tone. Discoloration around the eyes and lips can be reduced by using a good hydrated toner which provides maximum hydration to the skin. 

4. Essence

We were not aware of the use of essence before but now Korean skincare brands emphasise on the importance of applying essence on the skin for a flawless skin. They are lightweight and have a watery consistency. They are formulated to treat pigmentation and uneven skin tone. 

5. Serums and ampoules

As compared to essence, serums have multiple ingredients in them to treat several skin issues. Some serums have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid or niacinamide to treat signs of aging like wrinkles. Serums promote collagen production which provides firmness in skin thus preventing signs of aging.

6. Moisturise

Any skincare regimen is incomplete without moisturising. You need to lock the moisture inside the skin by applying a moisturiser. A good hydrating moisturiser provides necessary hydration to the skin and closes the pores to prevent any dirt. Some medicated moisturisers are also available online. To buy an effective medicated moisturiser, you can order prescription online from a good pharmacy like 90daymeds which sells authentic skincare products exactly according to your skincare problems. 

7. Eye cream

You cannot ignore the dark circles around the eyes for achieving a glass skin look. Our skin around the eyes needs to be moisturised as much as the rest of the face. Extra care should be taken to apply the eye cream around the eye area. Dry patches around the eyes can be lightened by using a good eye cream. 

8. Mask

We were introduced to sheet masks through K-beauty. Sealing our skin with a fully hydrated mask locks the moisture inside the skin for a long time. The ingredients are absorbed in your skin leaving it smoother and healthier. 

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