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Perfect skin care: Eight steps to beautiful skin

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11th Aug 21 11:45 am

You use your care products correctly in this order

For most of us, daily skin care has probably been part of our morning and evening routine for years. However, due to a trend reversal in recent years, the subject of skin care is present everywhere and one could almost say it has become “mainstream”. Natural beauty and well-cared for skin are getting more and more attention in the beauty world.

A good skin care routine can make a lot of things easier. The right ingredients protect us from impurities, provide moisture, shrink pores, make redness disappear and even help against the first wrinkles. In addition, our makeup looks much fresher and more even on the basis of good facial care.

But especially for skincare newbies, the amount of products such as serums, creams, masks or toners and the flood of information can quickly become overwhelming. Even after you have determined your skin type and selected suitable products for the care and cleaning of your face, the question still remains: When do I actually use all of this? And in what order? In the following, I give two exemplary examples of a morning and an evening care routine and then briefly explain why products should be used in this order.

Example routine morning: Cleanser → Toner → Serum → Eye Cream → lotion / gel → Cream → facial oil → SPF

Example routine in the evening: cleanser → peeling → toner → serum → eye cream → lotion / gel → cream → face oil

Why is the order of the skincare routine so important?

First of all, it should be said that with some skin types you don’t have to do every step of these routines every day. Especially normal skin without irritation, which is a little more undemanding, usually does not need all of these care products. So, you can leave out individual steps – but the general order should not change.

Cleaning of the skin and the removal of makeup residues should never be neglected, as this protects against impurities and the ingredients of the care can penetrate the skin better. One of the most important rules of thumb in “Skincare Layering” is: from easy to difficult. It says nothing more than that light water-based products like serums, lotions, and gels should be applied over heavy, oily products like facial oils. The tip is similar: from clear to cloudy.

These approaches aim to ensure that water-based products are applied first, as they are better absorbed and thus also get into the deeper layers of the skin. If you then apply the oil, it can also be absorbed better and deeper into the skin. Since oil and water cannot bind with each other, if you applied oily products first, they would act like a small protective layer to keep the water-based products from penetrating the skin.

Time is of course an important factor in the daily care routine. Give each of your products some time to soak into your skin before using the next product. The same applies here: light products are absorbed faster than particularly rich ones. The key is to choose a product that suits your skin type. I mostly use La Roche-Posay skincare products from the online store Makeup.uk. I love MAKEUP™ because they offer fast and free delivery on all orders in Great Britain.

Eight steps for ideal facial care

I’ll briefly summarise again what the steps listed above are good for and what benefits they offer your skin:

Intensive cleaning

Dirt and makeup residue will be removed from your face. Here you can freely decide whether you want to use one or more cleaners. Two cleansers are particularly popular – one oil-based and one water-based, in order to completely cleanse the pores and prevent blemishes on the face. Cleaning products should be used in the morning and evening.

Gentle peeling

Exfoliants do not have to or should not be part of your daily routine. Chemical peels with AHA and BHA in particular should not be used more than 3 times a week. Exfoliants remove dead skin, which can also make it more sensitive. Pay close attention to the instructions for use with your peelings so as not to damage your skin! Very dry and sensitive skin types in particular can do without peelings for the time being. With sensitive types, you can get your facial skin used to scrubs and dry skin types can be provided with a good moisturiser for a few weeks before scrubs are built into the routine.

Clarifying toner

The skin is thoroughly cleaned again and receives its first care kick, preparing it for the next steps. Facial tonic forms the basis for the upcoming care products and therefore adjusts the pH value of the skin again. To use, simply put some of your facial toner on a cotton pad and apply it gently to the skin. Here, too, there are suitable products for dry, oily and combination skin.

Moisturising serum

Serums prepare the skin for natural regeneration. Thanks to their mostly very thin texture, they quickly penetrate deeper layers of the skin. It is worthwhile to use a serum here that supports the subsequent care steps. For example, hyaluronic acid could be used for dry skin, as this helps absorb moisture into the skin and keep it there. If the skin tends to redden or if you have oily skin, zinc or niacinamides can be used. Serums are available with a variety of ingredients

Eye cream

Products intended for specific areas of the face are applied immediately after the serum. The respective part is left out in the later care steps up to sun protection. An eye cream is usually a little lighter than a regular moisturiser because the skin under the eyes is thinner and more sensitive.

Lotion and Gel

Thanks to the mostly very watery texture, the skin receives the first, real moisture boost here. Lotion & Gel can also be used as a lighter alternative to richer creams, which you would simply leave out afterwards. Especially for oily or oily combination skin, such light formulations can be a great alternative to rich day and night creams, as they absorb faster and then keep makeup on them better and faster.

Nourishing cream

Creams mostly offer moisture – many even offer other benefits tailored to different skin types. If you want, you can differentiate between day and night cream here. Day creams usually contain special ingredients that protect the hat from external influences during the day. Night creams, on the other hand, are often richer in order to support the regeneration of the skin overnight.

Rich facial oil

Oils are the richest form of skin care and are of course not suitable for every skin type. The facial oil should always be chosen based on the skin type and the skin problem.

Sufficient sun protection

Especially since chemical peelings have become increasingly popular, a sun protection factor is definitely a must during the day! It protects the skin against solar radiation and thus against burns, irritations and premature skin aging. If UV radiation hits our skin unfiltered without SPF, our skin cells can be destroyed. This results in an uneven complexion and faster skin aging. Sun protection should therefore always be used to avoid skin problems!

The right skin care routine not only lets you shine without make-up, it also helps make makeup look fresher and better! In your skin care routine, always pay attention to how your skin reacts to individual products and otherwise adjust your routine. Every skin is different and therefore needs different care.

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