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Ukrainian President warns the world must take proactive measures to prevent China invading Taiwan

by LLB political Reporter
12th Jun 22 11:31 am

The Ukrainian President has said the world must support proactive measures to prevent violence  and has raised concerns over China’s campaign of economic and military coercion against Taiwan.

President Voldymyr Zelensky said, “I think that today’s example of Ukraine is an example for the whole world. The world must always support any action related to pre-emptive measures so that there is no war.”

Zelensky said speaking at the 19th Asian Shangri-La Dialogue Security Summit, “there is no positive from the war in the world.

“No one gets a positive, except for some political leaders who daily increase their ambitions because of their political appetite.

A senior policy analyst in the Asian Studies Center Olivia Enos said the Chinese delegation left the hall during Zelensky’s speech.

“The world should decide everything diplomatically. Support states that need it. Do not leave this or that state alone with another state, which may be stronger financially, territorially, in terms of weapons. If problems can be solved by diplomacy, they must be solved.

“But do not turn on after the war starts, when there are tens and hundreds of thousands of victims. The war does not benefit anyone except the ambitions of some people.”

This comes as there are fears China will follow Russia and lead their own invasion because the “EU has been viewed as just very weak” and they could be set to invade Taiwan.

Europe has been accused of appeasing Russia over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and China has been tipped to exploit the situation and launch a full scale invasion of Taiwan.

Nile Gardiner who is a British Conservative commentator has compared the potential invasion of Taiwan that of Putin’s war in Ukraine to take back the land that was formerly part of the USSR.

Over many months concern has been growing that China will launch an attack on Taiwan as the Chinese President Xi Jingpin has built a big military presence near to the country and on multiple occasions entered their airspace.

The US President Joe Biden has warned that should China invade Taiwan then America will intervene which will spark a global conflict.

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