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Ukrainian military chief kicks out ‘active duty’ British Army soldier from resistance

by LLB political Reporter
11th Mar 22 4:07 pm

A British Army soldier who went Absent Without Leave (AWOL) to join the Ukrainian resistance has been kicked out of the country by a Ukraine military chief and sent back to the UK.

Mamuka Mamulashvili said they gave him a ticket and sent the 21-year old back to the UK and said he will continue to do so, the soldier will face a court martial upon his return back to Britain.

The military chief said it is unacceptable “because it can cause a political disagreement” between the Uk, Ukraine and Russia.

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Speaking on GB News, host Dan Wootton asked Mamulashvili, “And any of the Brits who are with you currently serving in the British army?

“Because there have been reports that serving troops have defied their command in the UK to travel to Ukraine.”

Mamulashvili said, “Well you know we do not accept guys who are currently on active duty.

“There was a guy from the United Kingdom, a young guy who came to join us.

Manulashvili added, “As I understood that he had an active duty we bought him a ticket back.

“And we sent him back because it is unacceptable for us because it can cause a political disagreement.

“So we try not to accept foreign active duty, and they have never joined us, and they will not join us.

Wootton said, “That’s good to know, can you give us a bit more detail about the person who you sent back?

“Obviously not revealing his identity but just the circumstances?”

Manulashvili added, “He was 21-years-old, you know and I recommended him not to join us because you know he has a bright future.

“I appreciate that he came and tried to join us, and he was doing it with a whole heart you know.

“And I really appreciate it because he wanted to give his life for something good.

“But you know, for me it is unacceptable to receive such people, therefore we need every man can help us but I don’t want them to spoil their future.”

Transport Secretary Mr Shapps previously said, “You cannot go and fight if you’re in the British Army, you cannot just get up and go and fight.

“Of course, that’s inappropriate behaviour and you would expect the army to have some very, very strict rules in place, as they do.”

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