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Ukraine’s offensive has ‘already begun’ and Wagner chief warns Kyiv are ‘now more active outside’ their historical borders such as Crimea

by LLB staff reporter
3rd May 23 3:45 pm

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has already begun according to the Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin and he has warned it “does not look good” for Russian forces as they are not coping with the scale of attacks.

Ukraine are attacking the outside borders and the “situation around the perimeter” does not look good for Russian troops and Prigozhin warned that in “the near future” the war will become more active.

The Wagner chief said, “I believe that the offensive of the Ukrainian army has, in fact, already begun.

“We see the highest activity of enemy aviation, we see the highest activity along the perimeter and inside our front.

“At the same time, if we control our front inside, then, unfortunately, the situation around the perimeter does not look, let’s say, not in the best way.

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“And so our flanks, when asked how reliable they are, I will remain silent for the time being out of politeness.

“The enemy has also become more active outside the historical borders of Ukraine the Russian Federation. We see the situation in our various areas: trains, drones, and so on.

“Therefore, I think that everything has already started. When will it become active? I think that in the near future, maybe days.”

Prigozhin’s reference to Ukraine now being “more active outside” their historical borders comes as the Ukrainian government has warned Russian’s who are living in Crimea have been warned to leave the annexed peninsula now “while there is still such an option.”

Ukraine are also focussing on re-taking Crimea and have been active in a series of attacks in the region for some months which are now being stepped up.

Representative of the Main Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Cherniak said on Tuesday, “The Main Intelligence Agency of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry strongly recommends leaving the occupied Crimea while there is still such an option.”

Cherniak has said that once Russian forces are removed from the annexed peninsula they will then implement the “Crimean goodwill gesture,” meaning it is then recaptured.

A former commander of the US Army in Europe Ben Hodges has said that Ukraine must isolate Crimea from Russia.

Cherniak said in an interview with ArmyInform, reacting to Hodges suggestion, “The enemy must be cut off from Crimea – to make sure that Russia cannot use the temporarily occupied peninsula for military purposes and, finally, implement the so-called ‘Crimean goodwill gesture.”

Hodges previously said in an interview for Spirit of America that Crimea is decisive for the war and Ukraine will not be protected until Russian forces are expelled one way or another from the annexed peninsula.

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