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Ukraine set to deliver another hammer blow as Putin is warned ‘all roads lead to Crimea’ and ‘war is far from over’

by LLB political Reporter
12th Nov 22 3:37 pm

Ukrainians are celebrating in Kherson but still most of the Ukrainian forces remain vigilant and are still attacking Russian troops.

Russian troops are on the back foot and Ukraine are taking advantage of this and will deliver another crushing blow to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin and the Russian Army as “all roads lead to Crimea.”

Putin will lose Crimea in 2023 along with his Black Sea fleet which is paramount for supplying the southern Russian front in Ukraine.

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Ukraine are already planning their counteroffensive towards Crimea and according to the i Paper’s Chief Political Commentator Paul Waugh, it is now looking highly likely that Ukrainian forces will now go for Crimea after the Kherson withdrawal.

Ukrainian forces now have full control of Kherson and Crimea is next door and this could corner Putin whereby he could do something drastic in an attempt to save face.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Ukrainian Minister Yuriy Sak said, “We always believed that we will liberate Kherson.

“And we are confident that now Russians are beginning to believe that they will never be able to win this war.

“We see the panic in their ranks. We see the panic in their propaganda machine.

“But of course, this is a very important moment, but it is too early to relax… because this war is far from over.”

Retired US Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, who served as Commanding General in the US Army Europe,told Express.co.uk, “If you imagine a map of Ukraine – think of this counter offensive that started in early September, it has two wings.

“The first is the one that is opposite Kherson in the south and coming from the west. The other is the one that surprised the Russians that is moving down south eventually, to me, towards Mariupol.

“That red arrow pointing south and the other arrow pointing west to east – both are going to end up outside Crimea.

“All roads lead to Crimea so that means when they get down there, below the line of areas such as Kherson and Melitopol, they will have high margin range when they start hitting Russian bases and facilities in Crimea.

He added, “When they do that, Crimea will become untenable which is why the attack on the bridge was such an important attack, whoever was responsible for it.

“If that gets severed again or can’t adequately repair it, you are talking about a large number of Russians who would find themselves in a sack in Crimea.

“The first part, where they push the Russians back to the February 23 line, happens by the end of this year and then the Crimea bit by next summer.”

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