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Defence analysts warn Putin could launch ‘an EMP strike’ in Ukraine to ‘provide a break which would turn the tide’

by LLB political Reporter
12th Nov 22 11:05 am

Over the past few months Russia has lost tens of thousands of troops in the killing fields of Ukraine and it is feared that Vladimir Putin could strike back in an attempt to “turn the tide” for him.

If Putin uses nuclear weapons then he knows he is finished and the war would escalate which would most likely see NATO get involved.

However a defence anlayst believes that he could use a new electromagnetic pulse (EMP) cannon which would wipe out across a six mile radius all electronic communication which would also cripple the national grid putting Ukraine in to darkness throughout the winter.

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Defence analyst Francis Tusa warned in an interview with The Times, that Russia, “has already been attempting to make Ukraine as uninhabitable as possible ahead of winter.

“So I don’t rule out the possibility of an EMP strike as part of what seems to be a ‘scorched earth’ policy.”

Weapons expert Justin Brook said Russia does have an arsenal of EMPs which are ready to go and said some Spetznaz, special forces units are already carrying them.

Brook added, that “EMP strikes leave very little visible trace so it’s difficult to know whether one has already been used without being there on the ground to investigate.”

Council on Geostrategy director James Rogers also warned that it is “increasingly” likely Putin will resort to launching an EMP strike to “provide that break that would turn the tide for him.”

He added, “We know that there is pressure on him with all the chatter within Russia about the failure of their generals.

“An EMP strike could provide that break that would turn the tide for him. But I don’t think that he is yet in a position.

“The real stepping-stone to escalation, if there is one is if the Ukrainians were to recapture the territory they had lost and begin to march on Crimea.”

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