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Ukraine calls for an end to ‘gray zones’ to ‘eliminate that lack of geopolitical certainty’ in Europe

by LLB political Reporter
24th Oct 23 2:07 pm

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for the elimination of “gray zones” in Europe that provoke instability on Tuesday.

Zelensky told the board meeting of the European Commission that we must “get rid of the ‘gray’ geopolitical zones.”

President Zelensky said, “After all, if there is even the slightest ‘gray’ geopolitical zone, then claims to dominance in this zone will inevitably arise, and different political forces will try to paint such a ‘gray’ zone in their own political colours.”

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He said, “we are several geopolitical steps away from eliminating such a division, and this is our historic chance – for all of Europe – to eliminate that lack of geopolitical certainty, that source of crises and problems.”

“The EU, conceived as a continental project, as a guarantor of good neighborliness between the peoples of Europe, is acquiring a well-deserved continental dimension.

“This is not a club for the elite, but a home truly for all Europeans who share common values. The borders of the European Union will be the borders of the continent of Europe.

“And there is no ‘gray zone!’ Our political generation is capable of ensuring this, and I am sure that we will not miss such a special moment.”

He added, “If we can get rid of the ‘gray’ geopolitical zones, we must do it! Europe needs the European Union. And let Ukrainian optimism towards the EU serve a more stable future for the whole of Europe.”

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