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UKIP to take one-point lead in 2014 European elections, shows poll

by LLB Editor
14th Jan 13 12:00 am

UKIP will beat the Conservative Party in next year’s European elections, a ComRes/Sunday People poll has found.

Only 22% of the 2000 people polled voted for the Tories while 23% voted for UKIP. The Labour Party finished first with 35% of the vote and Lib Dems stood last with 4%.

The poll showed that voters would ditch David Cameron for Nigel Farage’s UKIP which wants Britain to vote out of the EU.

However, if Cameron promises an in-out referendum on Europe, 37% of UKIP voters would probably choose the PM over Farage. The poll also reveals that while 63% of the public are keen on an in/out referendum, support for outright withdrawal is down to 33% since the last ComRes poll on the issue in October 2011.

Forty-eight per cent think that Britain’s membership of the EU is a costly mistake while 27% disagree.

Also, 25% voters think that Britain’s membership of the EU has delivered more benefits than disadvantages to Britain, 46% thought otherwise.

Results show that 42% of Brits would want to stay in the EU with just 33% intent on leaving. Also, six in 10 voters do not want Britain to sign up to the euro even if EU countries solve their debt crisis.

Andrew Hawkins, ComRes chairman, said, “The Tories are in an extremely dangerous position: Labour require a swing of just 2% at the next General Election to have the most MPs and 5% to win an overall majority. In this poll Labour’s swing is a massive 12.5%.

“While European and Westminster electoral dynamics are different, the prospect of humiliation in 2014 would fuel disquiet among Mr Cameron’s right flank who have still not forgiven him for not winning in 2010 and want to see traditional Tory values asserted more aggressively. The challenge for Nigel Farage is to appeal now to Labour voters and to maintain his Party’s support in the event of the promise of a referendum.”

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