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UK set for ‘hot spells’ lasting through to September

by LLB Reporter
18th Aug 21 3:05 pm

The UK is set to bake towards the end of August and into September as high pressure is pushing warm air from Europe.

Netweather has said that there is the potential for “hot spells” towards the end of August and into September, with the southwest most likely to receive warm weather.

Netweather’s monthly update said, “High pressure is again expected to be more frequent than average, but highest pressure will probably transfer south and east, resulting in warmer temperatures and an increased frequency of southerly winds across the UK, with potential for hot spells, especially towards the southeast, and potential for thundery breakdowns.

“The north and west of Scotland will become more prone to changeable south-westerlies bringing wet and windy weather at times, due to high pressure often being further south and east than during the previous week.

“Again, it probably won’t be constant high pressure, with some interruptions likely, but overall pressure is expected to be above normal.”

It added, “It will be generally drier and sunnier than average, but with less certainty over below-average rainfall than in Week 2 due to greater potential for some areas to see thundery downpours.”

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