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Trump says Biden has given the Taliban ‘billions of dollars worth’ of US equipment including ‘brand new Blackhawks’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
19th Aug 21 1:35 pm

The former US President Donald Trump has blasted President Joe Biden as when US troops withdrew from Afghanistan they abandoned “billions of dollars worth” of equipment.

Trump said he would have “bombed the hell” all remaining US bases and airports and would not have left “billions of dollars worth” of equipment behind for the Taliban.

Trumps furious rant comes as the Taliban have been seen with US weapons which include US made assault rifles, Humvees and now even have Blackhawk helicopters which cost around £1.3bn each.

A furious Trump said, “You don’t take the military out first, you take the military out last.

“This is like the captain off the ship if the ship is sinking… You take the people off first”

He called President Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal as “crazy” and said after a 20-year intervention in the country was the “most embarrassing moment in our country.”

In the phone call to Fox News, Trump totally lost it and told the news station, “You gotta get your people out… then you take your equipment out.

“And after you take your equipment out, you bomb the hell out of the forts so nobody else can use them!

“Because I was going to do that, I said I want every one of these forts.”

It would have taken the US Air Force just “two hours” to “bomb the hell” hell out of the former American bases.

He said, “Now they’re being used the Taliban! It’s just not even believable!”

Trump said that the Taliban now have “brand new Blackhawk helicopters” that they can now use.

In July Sky News reported that the Taliban now have thousands or rounds of ammunition, with boxes upon boxes of new missiles, mortars, 900 brand new state of the art rifles, 30 Humvees and around armoured 20 pick-up trucks.

A Taliban commander told Sky News, “Most of the time we don’t rely on all of this. We just rely on Allah.

“But it does help us a lot and it has given us a lot of new weapons we can use in battle.”

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