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Tory MP blasted as an “incoherent moron” by Labour MP in late-night Twitter tiff

27th Mar 13 11:11 am

Greg Hands and Ian Austin come to blows on the final night before Parliament recess

As news broke of David Miliband’s resignation as MP on Wednesday night, Tory MP Greg Hands and Labour MP Ian Austin had a spat on Twitter.

It all kicked off after Hands, Tory MP for Chelsea and Fulham, tweeted about the resignation of Labour MP Ian Mearns, who quit last week as aide to Ivan Lewis, saying that it “marks the latest 2010 David Miliband supporter to leave”.

Austin, Labour MP for Dudley North, shot back at Hands for his “very stupid witherings” about the Labour front bench. “What a fool Greg Hands is, you idiot. He resigned because he thought the leadership stance was too right wing! You incoherent moron. Grow up,” he added on Twitter.

 “I’m not sure whether his stupidity outweighs his unpleaseantness”, Austin continued.

With the Twitter exchange happening on the final day of the Parliamentary term before MPs broke up for Parliamentary recess until mid-April, Hands shot back: “Last day of term Ian, you been celebrating?”

Austin bridled at the suggestion in his riposte: “No. My stone cold sober assessment of you is that you are one of the most stupid and unpleasant MPs I’ve met. I hope that’s clear”

Hands, a Tory whip, decided to play on the fact that Austin is a Labour spokesman on work and pensions to warn him to behave: “Don’t forget you are a Labour front bencher, Ian. A spokesman for the Party.”

But Austin was having none of it, firing back: “The fact that you are the most unpleasant and one of the most stupid Tory MPs is Labour’s official policy.”

Hands seemed to take it in good cheer, quipping: “Loving the fact that according to @IanAustinMPI am “one of the most stupid Tory MPs” & better still this “is Labour’s official policy”

A Labour Party spokesman refused to comment on whether it was the party’s “official policy” that Hands was “one of the most unpleaseant and stupid Tory MPs”, referring LondonlovesBusiness.com to Austin’s office.

Meanwhile, last night’s Twitter tiff drew the attention of other politicos – with former Tory MP Louise Mensch remarking: “If I were in Parlt I’d pat you on the shoulder and tell you to step away from the keyboard. Maybe someone else can.”

However, Austin dismissed Mensch’s plea: “Afraid @LouiseMensch completely wrong. Get on v well with many Tories. I like George Osborne for example, But i think @greghands unpleasant.”


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