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Top ten eSports teams median value fell to $188m in 2020

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
9th Feb 21 12:15 pm

According to the research data analyzed and published by Safe Betting Sites, the average value of top 10 eSports teams flatlined at $240 million in 2020, following a 54% uptick in 2019. Their median value was $188 million.

In recent years, however, the eSports scene has experienced remarkable growth. Based on a report by the Visual Capitalist, four of the top 10 teams were valued at over $300 million in 2020. Comparatively, only one had a $300 million valuation in 2018.

TSM Generated 50% of 2020 Revenue from eSports, 100 Thieves 35%, FaZe Clan 20%

Formerly known as Team SoloMid, TSM topped the charts in 2020 with a $410 million valuation. Compared to 2019, this was a 3% increase. Cloud 9 was second with a valuation of $350 million, down by 13% from $400 million in 2019. Team Liquid followed with $310 million down by 3% year-over-year (YoY). FaZe Clan was fourth with $305 million, up by 27% from $240 million in 2019. 100 Thieves was fifth with $190 million, up by 19% YoY from $160 million.

The best-performing teams in the top ten have diversified beyond eSports. TSM only generated 50% of its revenue from eSports, while the rest came from Blitz. Faze Clan only generated 20% from eSports and 80% from videos about its stars and gaming culture. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves generated 35% of its revenue from eSports. The rest came from its production studio and training facility and YouTube starts 2Hype.

On the other hand, Team Liquid and Cloud Nine were the only teams in the top five to post valuation declines. They generated 89% and 70% of revenue respectively from eSports.

eSports is still far from catching up with traditional sports. To illustrate, the lowest valued NFL team was worth $2.0 billion compared to $150 million for the lowest eSports team in the top 10 spots.

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