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Top reasons you should consider before hiring a birth injury attorney

by John Saunders
29th Sep 21 11:26 am

Like any other professionals in any field, healthcare workers make mistakes. Nevertheless, in the medical profession mistakes at the office do not equate to a missed deadline: It can result in a physical and mental injury like cerebral palsy that a child can suffer for a lifetime.

Medical professionals have a duty of care to the patients they serve, including your infant and yourself. If avoidable mistakes take place they should be held accountable for the baby or mother’s birth injury. If your child is a victim of a birth injury that resulted from healthcare malpractice, hiring a birth injury lawyer is the best step in achieving the settlement you deserve. This post discusses the reasons you should consider hiring a birth injury attorney.

Medical malpractice attorneys can assist you to know if you have a claim

Giving birth is a challenging process during which unavoidable birth injuries can occur for several reasons. Whereas many of the more common and minor injuries occur during birth. Such as fractures, bruising, and umbilical cord complications. These injuries may not be preventable; other injuries are the direct result of a mistake that occurs during the process by medical professionals and are grounds for a birth injury claim. An example of this can be avoidable oxygen deprivation for your child resulting in complications.

In some cases, medical professionals will try to pass an instance of medical malpractice off as a defect. But, a lawyer has the skills and experience to investigate the circumstances surrounding the injury and assist you to know if you have a claim based on the proper delivery process and standards of care.

Achieve suitable compensation for your injuries

The first step in obtaining compensation is determining which damages you deserve. Although this may seem straightforward, specifying an actual sum for the cost of damages is a very detailed process.

Attorneys specializing in medical negligence do more than considering the compensation required for addressing the financial burden  of a birth injury today. They focus much on the pain and suffering you have experienced. They look at the condition and determine an entire list of expenses involved in your cases, such as loss of life enjoyment, loss of income due to missed work, in-home medical costs, future medical costs, and physical therapy funds.

They can hold healthcare workers accountable and improve quality of care standards

However, though each pregnancy presents risks, some of the risks involved can be handled if a trained medical crew administers proper medical attention. In cases that healthcare workers either knowingly deviate from or do not uphold that standard, they should be held accountable for your childbirth injury.

That said, you can look for wrongful termination settlements in Missouri. This should happen when your employer fires you, and you believe that it’s discrimination. Keep in mind that you need to get a discrimination attorney to protect your rights. The good thing about this is that it can prevent the employer from repeating the same mistake in the future. Holding employers  accountable protects employees from potential illegal discrimination.

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