Top Labour donor John Mills: Labour will “never get elected on a far-left platform”


Back in May, Jeremy Corbyn was a 200-1 outsider in the Labour leadership race.

Come September, Corbyn is being touted as the next Labour leader.

But will he ever become prime minister? Not according to top Labour donor John Mills.

Mills, who has donated over £1.7m to the party since 2005, told LondonLovesBusiness.com that the Labour Party will “never get elected on a far-left platform”.

Speaking about Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, Mills said: I think that Jeremy Corbyn’s policies – particularly anti-austerity – strike a strong chord with a lot of people but I still have serious reservations about whether his far-left strategy would be effective in getting the economy to grow much more quickly, which is the only realistic way of beating austerity.”

Mills added that he would continue to support the party even if Corbyn became leader.

“I am going to play whatever role I can to try to get the party to adopt the sorts of policies and strategy which I think would combine effectiveness in achieving a fairer and more successful society with electability.”


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