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Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk: Jeremy Corbyn is a "one-trick pony"

by LLB Editor
4th Sep 15 9:43 am

The former Rochdale councillor says Corbyn can’t ever become PM

Karen Danczuk, the estranged wife of Labour MP Simon Danczuk, has just called Labour leadership leader Jeremy Corbyn a “one-trick pony” for his policies.

The former Rochdale councillor and self-proclaimed “selfie queen” told LondonLovesBusiness.com that she thinks Corbyn will win the Labour leadership race but can never become prime minister.

She said: “Honestly, I think Jeremy has ran an excellent campaign, I stand by that and in some ways that’s why I wanted to publicly come out and praise him, however do I think he will ever be PM? No I don’t.

“The country as a whole now agrees with different aspects of each party’s policies. Jeremy only has one style of policy and I don’t believe the public are willing to sacrifice their other choices for what they want in terms of immigration, the private sector and economy to back Jeremy.

“Jeremy is a very much one-trick pony. Do I think he will be Labour leader however, yes I think he will be.”

Danczuk said she’s backing Kendall as “she wont fluff over policies to get votes”.

She said: “I am not backing Corbyn, I am absolutely still backing Liz. I think Liz is the right person for the job. She’s strong, intelligent, forthright and a realist.

“She knows what tough choices she has to make and unlike other candidates, she won’t fluff over that just to get votes. Liz is very honest about what she feels we need to do as a party and where we need to go and that’s why I really want Liz to be our leader.

“As Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Merkel are demonstrating, women can make fantastic leaders and really connect to the people. We’ve had many male leaders and PMs in the Labour Party. It’s now time to let a woman have a go.”


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